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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Per my good friend and fabulous poet Tom Beckett's suggestion, I want to offer a new Q&A series: "What Do You Re-Read?"  When Tom first suggested the idea, I immediately thought it brilliant, if only because of my own reading experience.  That is, I probably re-read less than 1% of publications I read.  A book has to achieve certain things, different for each reader obviously but there is a threshold, in order to be on a reader's "For Re-reading" pile.  So, I invite everyone -- not just poets -- to answer these few questions:

1) What books and/or authors do you re-read?
2) Optional:  Please provide a comment on your answer to #1
3)  Please provide a list of your books (including chaps) and links, if any.  Books can be written or edited.  (This detail is to provide some info about the responder.)

Jpeg illustrations of your choices are welcome.

You can email me your responses at Nalanda10@aol.com


Eileen Tabios



Marton Koppany

Tom Beckett

Eileen Tabios 

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