Eileen R. Tabios is a poet working in multiple genres and in-between. She also loves books by writing, reading, publishing, critiquing, romancing and advocating for them. This blog will feature her bibliophilic activities with posts on current book engagements and links to her books and projects related to books.

Thursday, September 26, 2019


The first U.S. publisher to publish one of my books is also about to release the next one, THE IN(TER)VENTION OF THE HAY(NA)KU: Selected Tercets 1996-2019.  Review copies are available; just contact me or mheditor@marshhawkpress.org

Thursday, September 19, 2019


Frankly, slammed-for-time Me didn't expect to be active with Meritage Press this year. But I'm releasing today my second as a publisher of two books released in 2019. The first was--and proud of it as it's my first graphic publication--the graphic poetry anthology THE STRIP HAY(NA)KU PROJECT edited by Ernesto Priego -- info at https://meritagepress.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-strip-haynaku-project-edited-by.html . The second and today's release is HEDGE FUND CERTAINTY by Thomas Fink -- info at https://meritagepress.blogspot.com/2019/09/hedge-fund-certainty-by-thomas-fink.html . Here's a brief description:
"Thomas Fink’s Hedge Fund Certainty, his first book since Selected Poems & Poetic Series, offers several vibrant new series, including the politically charged "Subprime Mortgage Bargain Lot," new poems in the long-running "Yinglish Strophes" and "Dented Reprise," and a host of shorter shaped poems that explore social, psychological, and philosophical concerns in a surreal collage ethos."
All the books with which I get involved extend/expand poetry's forms and expanse. I hope these books will be of interest to you.