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Thursday, January 9, 2014


This morning I opened
the front door
to take out the trash

and saw a bird
dead, almost invisible
against the gravel

and returned
to the kitchen
where I found

two discarded
plastic bags
one for my hand

that will pick
up the bird
to deposit into the other

and that is what
I did

and I saw
its grey neck
flopping, broken

and it was proof
of what I
had anticipated--dreaded--

as I'd moved
to pluck the bird
from its demise

and the proof
made me consider
once again

why a human
would wish to
be God

in control
of others
when that power

also means
you will know
the feeling

of holding
a corpse
small enough

to fit within
a palm, huge
as befits a God

's hand
which will allow

and not flinch
from caressing


A true story: the event occurred this morning.  What also happened that I thought might make it into the poem but didn't -- and it's always interesting to see what gets left out, di ba? -- is how I had crooned at the bird as I picked it up and deposited it into a Baggie, "Bird Spirit, leave your body behind.  Fly up now towards the sky [here I looked up at the sky, beautiful in its blueness this morning].  You are now free, not locked within this body."  And I kept crooning that because I loathed the idea of the Bird [Spirit] being placed, along with other debris, into the garbage--the other trash bag I was holding contained smelly cat litter! And I made sure to take my time zippering up the Baggie in case the Bird Spirit needed more time to leave its bird body ...

... interesting.  True.  A detail I thought for sure would be in the poem.  But left out of the poem which became mostly, it seems, about its second half.  The poem always transcends the poet's autobiography.

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