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Monday, January 13, 2014


I love the "What Are You Reading?" series partly because I also LOVE the images of book-laden shelves or book stacks.  It's why I'd so loved the local library's Christmas tree this past holiday season which I re-post here because I so love looking at it!

Visual appreciation, of course, is why I also appreciate visual art and visual poetry.  And I was so pleased to read this weekend poet-critic John Yau's take on Daniel Douke (who, I agree, hasn't received as much appreciation as this artist deserves!) over at Hyperallergic: "How To Look Indifference in the Eye: New Work by Dan Douke."  Click on the link and just consider how those objects are all acrylic on canvas!  Impressive, ain't it!

I much appreciate Yau's criticism, too.  His way of seeing (especially his books on Jasper Johns) was one reason I got inspired to write the occasional art critique and even ended up with a book of art essays: MY ROMANCE (Giraffe Books, 2002).  Anyway, here's some shots of two Douke painting-sculptures in la casa.  We have some of Douke's earlier works and have lived and appreciated them for decades now ...

Everything is acrylic on canvas.  Like, the masking tape is raised acrylic!  Here's a detail shot--even the cardboard folds or dust against the white are caused by painting:

In the past, some of our friends would bring a box to the house and jokingly offer, "Fifty bucks and you can have it!" -- which of course is just a compliment to the effectiveness of Douke's super realism (pun intended).  Super.  Realism.

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