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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


(Inside the Invisible Library. On table, a glass bowl containing nothing)

You are invited to BIBLIOTHECA INVISIBILIS, my latest insomnia-induced project.  Basically, with the help of Curator and Librarian Emeritus, U.C. Riverside, John Bloomberg-Rissman, I've organized a Library of Books and Other Media that conceptualizes the invisible. You are invited to participate by sharing your work(s) that presents the Invisible (including but not limited to invisible or erased text).

The Call for Participation is HERE.  There is no particular deadline; the Library blog will be updated as information is sent in.  Let me replicate the Call here for convenience and because I truly hope YOU will participate:

Your works can exist (and if there's a link I'm happy to link to it), or be imaginary.  The key is to share the work with (some of) its underlying conceptualization.  
If you would like to participate, please send the following:
1) Title or name of work
2) Write-up on the work's concept 
3) An illustration (e.g. book cover, interior text, or whatever you deem appropriate) 
4) Bio and Author photo 
Send information to, or ask questions of, me at Nalanda10@aol.com
Eileen R. Tabios 
Library Director, Bibliotheca Invisibilis

As it turns out, the project already has garnered interest from notable poets and artists from around the world!  The Library not just includes books but Other Media.  Here are three examples:

"The Emperor's New Sonnet" by Jose Garcia Villa

"variations of resistance" by Emmy Catedral

        by Gary Barwin

(click on image to enlarge)

Please enter the Library!  And visit frequently!  Its Catalog will be updated over time as new material is discovered!

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