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Thursday, May 1, 2014


Oh my.  147 MILLION ORPHANS just got a review by Joey Madia, posted at New Mystics Review, as well as at Literary Aficionado, Book Masons Cafe Press website and Amazon.com (at the latter, I'm pleased to see other readers like the book!)  

Thanks Joey, and here's an excerpt whose synchroserendipity I appreciate (not to mention its nifty made-up word!):

The book closes with “A Quintet for Michael Gerard Tyson,” offering insight into the enigmatic (and, as I learned here, orphaned) former heavyweight champ, whose antics and actions outside the ring engulfed and all but obliterated his achievements within it. 
In a bit of synchroserendipity, I read the line “he denies the ‘I’ and lapses into calling himself ‘Sonny Liston’ and ‘Jack Dempsey’” mere hours before reading in Secret Germany by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh excerpts from Thomas Mann’s 1936 essay on “mythic consciousness” regarding the idea that leaders and would-be leaders refer to themselves as past leaders in order to acquire Legitimacy through Invocation and a pseudo-lineage [think Thatcher as Churchill and Elizabeth I and Clinton as Kennedy]. 
I encourage you to read 147 Million Orphans as poetry, as parental testament, as social commentary, as thought experiment, and most importantly, as the starting point for your own [continuing] engagement with Word and Idea.

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