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Thursday, May 22, 2014


VERSES TYPHOON YOLANDA (VTY) continues to receive attention -- all for a good cause.  

Here's an article from the Manila Standard Today that is also useful for contextualizing the anthology's service in an environment of corrupt or inefficient aid-giving.  Here's an excerpt:
“Aid is art,” writes Simeon Dumdum Jr. Now art will aid survivors of the storm.” 
Verses Typhoon Yolanda is a lament, a paean, a rant, a tribute, a reminder. It is a concrete, tangible contribution to the rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts that will bring the storm-wracked areas further along the path of recovery. 
It is a message to the survivors of Yolanda that they are not alone in their struggle to survive, rise up, go forward. 
Vince Gotera extends the hand of solidarity to the victims of the typhoon in his “Hay(na)ku for the Survivors”:  “We want you to know now/ we are here, we love you,/ we are millions singing for you.”

Vince Gotera also presents a hay(na)ku-related blog into three projects, including VTY, helping out the survivors of this largest storm ever recorded to hit land.  It also includes an interesting discourse on his variant off of the hay(na)ku form: the Hay(na)ku Sonnet.  Go HERE for lovely reading!

And.  North American Review (NAR) is the oldest literary magazine in the U.S., founded in Boston in 1815 by journalist Nathan Hale and others.  And NAR has taken notice!  In its recent issue, VTY receives a brief review by Vince Gotera.  Info HERE.

Things are also hopping, event-wise.  I and VTY contributors Michelle Bautista and Aileen Ibardaloza will be reading at a benefit for typhoon survivors at De Anza College on May 31.  Info HERE (scroll down).  Open to public.

Last but not least, a Chicago launch has just been set to occur on October 19, 2014.  More info HERE.  It is open to the public!

Your support is needed and will be much appreciated.  For the extent of Typhoon Haiyan made it truly an unnatural disaster!

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