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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Our local community has an annual massive rummage sale that raises funds to support orphanages in Russia and Uganda.  Like many in the community, I donate what stuff I can and then return the day of the rummage sale planning to cheerfully buy them in triple price.  Well, I don't actually end up buying the objects I usually loosened from the house with much relief (this year, clothes I haven't worn in years, some of Mom's objects that I can finally let go and books I didn't enjoy enough to want to retain).  What I do usually end up buying are mostly books.

Pickings were slim for me as I arrived after the crowds who lined up early had done their pickings.  But, bearing in mind an upcoming trip to Spain, I decided to look for disposable books -- I mean, when I go on vacation, my brain wants to come along to vacate itself.  So I look for light reading, especially books I can leave behind as soon as I finish reading them and thus lighten the baggage returning home.  Thus, this summer's travel reading will include (click on images to enlarge):

I also picked this to record results of an upcoming summer trip to Spanish wine country:

But what I couldn't bring myself to buy (donating money instead for the good cause) were these three global bestsellers:

I just ... couldn't ...

... even though I moiself wrote THIS.

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