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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Happy Birthday to my husband Tom!

I placed Tom on one of my book covers for being such a special man!  First, a super Dad.  Here he is teaching Michael about the science (or is it art) of tying a tie:

Here he is deep-frying a turkey for family Thanksgiving:

Just two of my favorite guys:

For his birthday, we gave Tom THE HISTORY OF EARLY ROME by Livy, Trans. by Aubrey de Selincourt, Illustrated by Raffaele Scorzelli:

Why this book?  It relates to his ongoing project THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD which he plans to encapsulate in 300 pages.  (It's a working title -- I'ma thinking HISTORY OF HUMAN INTELLECT may be more accurate...anyway...):

Actually, I'm quite excited over this project.  While not intended as a textbook, it would be useful as a such -- an idea he got when we noticed that Michael is being taught World War II in high school via five illustrated pages from a history textbook.  "I used to read books and books just about WWII!" was his dismayed response.  Five illustrated pages -- which means less than five pages of text given the illustrations.  Dumbed down education, indeed.

Once Tom releases that book, it'd be a great birthday gift to the world.  Onward, Tom!

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