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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I'm pleased to share that Meritage Press is helping to distribute Luis Francia's latest poetry collection -- I've read it: he is writing at his peak!  Please forward information below:


By Luis H. Francia
The University of the Philippines Press
ISBN: 978-971-542-720-3
U.S. Price: $20.00
Pages: 101

Ranging over a diverse array of subjects, whether it is Christ as a Jewish retiree in Miami, the frog prince, a suicide bomber, or Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, Tattered Boat exemplifies Luis H. Francia’s quest for the lyrical line that fulfills the impulse towards non-narrative meaning. These are poems rife with double entendres, contradictions, and playful ironies. As Danton Remoto puts it, “Like Wang Wei in his middle passage, the poet traces in the air the smoke rings of journeys and destinations, deaths, and rebirths.” Per Krip Yuson, the collection represents the “inquisition of a planet fraught with false gods.”

The book expands on similar themes explored in Museum of Absences (co-published by Meritage Press and the University of the Philippines Press).  Of those works, Nick Carbo writes that Francia’s “themes of love, loss, and redemption weave through the collection with the expert hand of a Stephane Mallarmé or a Federico Fellini.” His last publication, The Beauty of Ghosts, portrayed the Filipino immigrant experience in the voices of individual sojourners to these shores, from an overworked nurse in Queens to a teenaged rapper.

Francia has been widely anthologized and his poems have appeared in numerous journals. He teaches in the Asian American Studies programs of New York University and Hunter College. He is also on the MFA Faculty at the City University of Hong Kong, where he teaches workshops in poetry and creative nonfiction.

Tattered Boat is published by the University of the Philippines Press and is distributed in the U.S. through Amazon. 

In addition to Tattered Boat, Luis H. Francia is the author of other poetry collections, including The Beauty of Ghosts, Museum of Absences, and The Arctic Archipelago and Other Poems. His poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including Language for a New Century and Love Rise Up! ! His poems have been translated into Spanish, German, and Filipino.

His memoir, Eye of the Fish: A Personal Archipelago, won both the 2002 PEN Open Book and the Asian American Writers awards. He edited Brown River, White Ocean: An Anthology of Twentieth Century Philippine Literature in English, and co-edited the literary anthology Flippin’: Filipinos on America and Vestiges of War: The Philippine-American War and the Aftermath of an Imperial Dream, 1899-1999. Included in the Library of America’s Becoming Americans: Four Centuries of Immigrant Writing, Francia is on the faculty of Asian American Studies at New York University and Hunter College, and teaches poetry and creative nonfiction at City University of Hong Kong’s MFA Program. He and his wife live in Queens.

Luis H. Francia’s 2004 poetry book, Museum of Absences (Meritage Press), is also available on Amazon.com.  To order: http://www.amazon.com/Museum-Absences-Luis-H-Francia/dp/9715424155/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398186477&sr=8-1&keywords=francia+museum+of+absences

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