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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


My poetry Muses are real to me.  If you've been reading my blogs for a while, you may recall in prior blogs that I've described the Muses as "fallen angels, smoking cigars and playing poker at the upper left corner of any room I currently inhabit."  They're greedy for my attention.  I can write a gazillion poems -- and I have -- and such is never enough for them.  Greedy muscled angels -- big breasts (though not human boobs so much as a bird's oversize chest for flight) as well as huge steely biceps to operate those huge wings.  Colorless or color-replete eyes, depending on your point of view, in that heated light rather than color emanate from their long-lashed orbs.  I can continue, but you get the point.  They exist and they are not benign -- found the above image in the internet and while it's not quite what I always envisioned with my Muses, it shares with my Muses the sense of a lack of stability even as love exists.  Poetry can't be stable.

So, when I finally shook off the perfumed steel feathers my poetry Muses kept dropping on me and work, instead, on a novel, I wondered how the poetry Muses would react.  

Well, I got my first response this morning.  And I'm relieved.  They're not mad.  Moreover, they will continue to be generous because, while I was sneezing through their feathers, I honored Poetry.  That's my take anyway.  My take on what happened this morning, which is that I wrote a new chapter that was scaffolded by one of my poetry books, 5 SHADES OF GRAY. Another scaffolding was the "I Forgot" structure of one of the two poems in Tom Beckett's new and fabulous releaseDIPSTICK/DIPTYCH. Which is all to say, poetry is facilitating my efforts to write MY RUSSIAN NOVEL.  

I'm so relieved.  

Entonces: Onward!


  1. As Scoobie Do would say: Rut-ro!

  2. Heh.
    But, btw, Wiki says that Rut-ro sound, while often attributed to Scooby Doo, was actually the music of Astro, that dog from The Jetson's.
    Yes, we go to this blog for deep issues.