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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Boxing -- yeah: I'd even go there for Puwetry.

Guess who I bumped into at the local library!  My boxing trainer, Julio Olguin!!!  Readers -- and future readers, c'mon folks! -- of my newest release 147 MILLION ORPHANS (MMXI-MML) will recognize that name.  Julio's the guy who trained me in the difference between the "jab" and the "punch" (among other things) as part of researching my Mike Tyson series that I include in the book. Here he is -- and he good naturally posed in response to my plea to "look tough"!

Thanks Julio!  You're a good sport!  He's tough but also soft, folks -- after all, at the library, he was caught with children's books for his three young kiddos!  Raise 'em reading!  That's what I like to see!  And Julio, I'm sure, understands that as he's Director of St. Helena PreSchool For All a nonprofit that seeks to provide preschool education for kids in preparation for academic success in kindergarten and beyond!  HERE IS AN ARTICLE about Julio's efforts.  And here is an enchanting video of some of the kids!

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