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Sunday, February 2, 2014


I should remind readers that Galatea Resurrects (GR), as ever, is looking to match books to readers.  To wit, if you'd like to review a book for GR, you cam go HERE for a list of available review copies.  Deadline is May 11, 2014, though I'm happy to take reviews earlier.

In addition to editing GR, I also write reviews. I suspect I've written about 300 reviews for Galatea Resurrects since I began it 7 years ago. Well, po-world gave back. To wit, 86 of those reviews -- chosen at random -- gave me raw material for a new hybrid poem that moi lazy ass really didn't want to undertake; my Marsh Hawk Press in-house-editor told me to write a critique-poem. So I grumpily did. And the result will be in SUN STIGMATA, moi multi-genre book coming out this Fall! And, Dear Poet, if you see your name below, you might have thanked me for doing a review but I'm the one now to thank YOU for feeding me, albeit in the most round-about way, what I needed to create the poem "HEART POETRY: A CRITIQUE"!

As I've said in the past, I don't have particular poetry titles in mind to review. I just try to read as widely as I can and whatever moves me to review become the titles I review. Which is to say, the list below also is a list of poetry powerful enough to have demanded my engagement: RECOMMENDED (well, except for the one ...).

One Poem's Bibliography:
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