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Thursday, February 27, 2014


"I thought the story was about me." 
--perhaps The First Sentence

I began writing MY RUSSIAN NOVEL (working title) today, in part because Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto so put me in the mood for what I believe will be the novel's sensibility.  By which I mean I kept playing different renditions that I love -- here are three:

I mentioned that certain COMMAND.  :: Arabella Steinbacher has it -- she commands technique, not the other way around.  She also sees/hears the composition rather than what she (or others) want to hear…

…. like the poet getting out of the way of the poem, which is paradoxical (attesting to its difficulty) when the matter is, as I describe it, also one of command:


And here's a ravishing and commanding rendition by Frank Peter Zimmerman:


So many ways to define command (it's like reading a poem!)....here's Kyung Wha Chung (so inspiring; heck, if she can go Russian so can I!)

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