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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This weekend, the hubby barbecued steaks for dinner.  Our son took this photo which turned out pretty nifty, moi thought:

In turn, it inspired a poem (initially titled "Fearless Dad" before I edited it to be titled by its initial first line).  I'm not entirely comfortable with this result below, but since these "Diary Poems" are possibly just drafts, I'll post it anyway.  To Blog is ... to begin.


That which caused 
an eagle to eat 
a Titan's liver 
everyday to manifest 
a God's edict for 
"eternal torment"-- 

That which decimates 
mountains with 
the slightest breeze-- 

That Fire is nothing 
but fuel 
           to be controlled 
when it comes 
to your Family--

That rib's eye 
          you present
floating amidst 
the salsa of 
tomatoes, coriander 
garlic, salt and 
the love that fires 
up our made Life

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