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Saturday, February 10, 2018


I'm blessed to have Neil Leadbeater review one of my Locofo chaps, MAKING NATIONAL POETRY MONTH GREAT AGAIN!, for The FilAm, Feb. 10, 2018. An excerpt:

The six poems contained in this chapbook offer up some powerful messages with regard to our broken world: how can we put into words the tragic loss of life that is being played out on such an horrific scale in Syria or, for that matter, in any country where there is war-torn conflict on the other side of the world? 
All the titles of these poems begin with the word “witnessed”—they suggest a kind of helpless passivity that we all feel about events that are seemingly out of our control. They also contain the words “convex mirror” which implies that we begin to see the wider consequences of our selfish actions, not just on ourselves but also on others as we look into the diverging mirror.
This is a powerful collection that says a great deal in a small space about the times in which all of us, not just Americans, are living now.
You can see entire REVIEW HERE.

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