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Sunday, February 18, 2018


("RESIST" by Alice Brody. Quilt, 35 x 47", 2018)

Iris Stoler's ekphrastic response:

(after “RESIST” quilt by Alice Brody)

in the
uni verse yes

in com
plete they can

to sever
her closed fist

finger at
at time but

here! Against
a heaven filled

ages’ detritus
she will remain

the foreground
and will raise

because she
can yes she


I love Iris' poem for straddling the conflict that can occur between syllables and words in poetic short forms. She does so by breaking up a word into more than one word based on syllable, which is to say, based on sound, and I think it's effective here.

About the Poet:
Iris Lee’s book of poems, URBAN BIRD LIFE, was published in 2010 by NYQ Books. Her work has also appeared in such venues as Haibun Today, OccuPoetry and The New York Times. A lifelong Brooklynite, she leads a writing workshop for theater professionals at The Actors Fund in New York City.

About the Artist:

Alice H. Brody is a fiber artist living in New York City.  She has exhibited at the Whistler House Museum of Art in Lowell, MA; The Empire Quilt Guild, NYC;  Quilting by the Lake, Syracuse, NY and Berkeley, CA.  She also recently developed, in partnership with a physician, an innovative hospital gown, in use in a major NYC area hospital.

Alice's quilt below is a companion piece to the quilt that inspired Iris, so we're pleased to present it as well:

[click on images to enlarge]

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