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Saturday, February 17, 2018


There are certain things I've always wanted to do but possibly will never attain. One of them is to run an indie bookstore. So to soothe myself, I've been getting vicarious enjoyment by keeping a diary about my experiences as a book-buying customer. You can see it at my new blog


Here's an excerpt from my latest entry:
We discussed poetry, as she knows I'm a poet.  Amazingly to me, she says that one of the most difficult areas for her to stock is poetry. It seems poetry is among the type of books that, if people bother to have them, they hang on to them. What do you know? Then, speaking unfortunately as a poet, the key is to make people buy them in the first place which is quite a hard thing to effect. 

Just another cure for  my insomnia. But I'm having pleasure doing it, and hope it will provide you with reading pleasure.

By the way, my latest adventure led me to help restock the poetry shelves at a used bookstore -- what a great way to resuscitate lives for these spare books (I often have more than one copy of the same book as I lose track of what I've purchased). Here's the first delivery -- five huge bags!

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