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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I don’t focus as much on literary journals as books. But I have accumulated much over the years. This morning was for going through the library and weeding out journals to donate to the local library. The photo above are of two of the stuffed shopping bags for said donation.

But I made exceptions for the following journals below. In general, I kept their issues because they teach me much about poetry. Not all poems, even the ones I enjoy, teach me something about poetry so my keeping of these journals is a compliment to their participants and editors. This means, please consider this post, too, to be a THANK YOU, to the listed editors below for their good work:

VERSE (editors Brian Henry and Andrew Zawacki)

TINFISH (editor Susan Schultz)

AURGABE  (editors E. Tracuy Grinnell, Julian T. Brolawski and erica kaufman)

THE MISSOURI REVIEW (literary editor Speer Morgan but the issue I kept is mostly for its interesting interview with Andrei Codrescu)

RHIZOME (editors Standard Schaefer and Evan Calbi)

CUTBANK (editors Brandon Shimoda and Devon Wootten)

POSITIVE MAGNETS (editor Collin Schuster)

(THE INVISIBLE CITY) (editors Marcella Durand, Richard O'Russa and Karoline Schleh) 

PUBLIC ACCESS #1 featuring Laura Elric and Molly McPhee (editor Nicholas Grider)

MEM 4, 2006 (editor Jill Stengel) 

VANITAS (editor Vincent Katz)

GAPE-SEED 2011 (editors Ice Gayle Johnson and Jane Ormerod)

BIRD DOG (editor Sarah Mangold)

TIGERTAIL: A SOUTH FLORIDA ANNUAL (editors Max Winter, Michael Hettich, Campbell McGrath, Richard Blanco, Emma Trelles)

AMERICAN LETTERS AND COMMENTARY (editors Jeanne Marie Beaumont and Ana Rabinowitz and the issue I kept was partly for its “Elliptical Poets” section edited by Stephen Burt)

THE NORTHRIDGE REVIEW, Fall 1998 (editors Susannah Lebaron, Alene Terzan and Desiree Wold)

NEW AMERICAN WRITING (editors Paul Hoover and Maxine Chernoff)

BONE BOUQUET (editors Krystal Languell, Elizabeth Brasher and Allison Layfield)

ORIZONT LITERAR CONTEMPORAN (editor Daniel Dragomirescu)

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