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Sunday, January 1, 2017


What a wonderful way to begin a new year. Thanks to Valerie Morton and editor Gregory St. Vincent Thomasino for this e-ratio review of AMNESIA: Somebody's Memoir!  You can go HERE for the entire review, but here's an excerpt:
In the words of this exciting poet, from Chapter 24: I Forgot the Shadow of Gray       But I will never forget we walk on the same planet      and breathe from the same atmosphere.  I will never      forget the same sun shines on us both.  I created my      own legacy.  No one is a stranger to me. It is a privilege to have reviewed this work which has left me with much food for thought and changed my own perception of the world.  It is much more than a poetry collection—it is a clear invitation to re-join the human race and view it as our own rather than belonging to someone else.

(If you're interested in following up to get your own copy, links are HERE for SPD and Amazon.)

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