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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I'm quite grateful to Poet-Professor-Scholar Robert Gluck for hosting me for the third time for SF State's "Writers on Writing" series."  On Monday evening, I discussed my  2007 book The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes: OurAutobiography.* Among many other things discussed, I told the very engaged audience that I was really happy people like The Light Sang ... that I'd created for the few weeks that I was by my father's bedside. As a result of its context, it's the rawest book I'd ever constructed -- and yet it seems to have moved more people than some of my more elegant books. C'est la vie!  Anyway, here are some photos from the event:

(Poet-professor Robert Gluck presents Introduction)

(Some students in line for the book signing--such gorgeous happy faces!)

(Ruth from Modern Times supports the book sales!)

The Light Sang ... is 8 years old.  Which is to say, it found a new audience 8 years later.  This is why I don't stress over cannibalizing my or the "tiny" audience for poetry when I released at least three books a year.  I stress instead on just making sure my writing (quality) warrants publication.  Thank you, Universe, for the support!

* For Writers on Writing I also previously presented on Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole and NOTA BENE EISWEIN.

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