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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The poet Lee Herrick once showed a photo of framed bookmarks on Facebook. Apparently, he collects bookmarks!  As soon as I saw that, I wondered why I also hadn't been collecting bookmarks, especially as Meritage Press had put out a couple of great ones (courtesy of designer Michelle Bautista). I'm talking about a bookmark tied with tiny Kali swords for Michelle's book KALI'S BLADE and a bookmark attached to a condom for Tom Beckett's UNPROTECTED TEXTS. I do hope I still have copies of those somewhere.

But anyway, yesterday I decided to start up a bookmark collection when I received these two from Vagabond Press.  They came with review copies and the bookmark's "pleas" to be reviewed made me laugh.  Here they are (and do check out Galatea Resurrects' Review Copy List):

And so we start a new collection! Alex Gildzen -- you have any bookmarks you're deaccessioning?

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