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Friday, November 27, 2015


(A young student in T'Boli garb dances ... as all children should!)

Dear All,

I am doing a three-day fundraiser on behalf of a T'Boli school in the Philippines which had been threatened by a shut-down due to poor proceeds from weather-damaged local crops (among other things).  Recently, I saw an 11-year-old make a $5 donation (to help keep paying teachers!) and I was so moved that I decided to do this modest fundraiser, to wit:

If you order any of my books, I will donate the proceeds to the school -- for info on the school fundraiser, go HERE.  I will even send the book out to a gift recipient, holiday-wrapped and with a To/From card from you if you choose to give said book as a holiday gift. Go to MY WEBSITE and click on PUBLICATIONS to choose the book.  Message me on Facebook or email me at Galateaten@aol.com if you wish to buy a book that will help out a school!


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