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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I was delighted (and honored) to learn yesterday that the University at Buffalo Libraries Special Collection, the Poetry Collection had been including all of my books and publications.  Today I'm sending them three publications to help them complete their collection (though it's not likely to be complete as my very first poetry collection, AFTER THE EGYPTIANS DETERMINED THE SHAPE OF THE WORLD IS A CIRCLE, is both out of print and a rarity).

Looking at these three works encourage me yet again to thank Mandy Laughtland for publishing, technically, my first novel, NOVEL CHATELAINE (later collected in SILK EGG):

And I'm also moved to thank scholar and jazz musician Theo Gonzalves for having produced my first and only single-author CD, The Empty Flagpole, which unbelievably includes Mei-mei Berssenbrugge as a guest artist reading her what-will-be-classic-poem "The Four Year Old Girl"!!!   (The CD's poems are also in Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole). It's been years so I'd almost forgotten about that project and Mei-mei's generosity. Here are pictures  of the CD and the CD liner notes:

I'd for sure forgotten about my appreciation for Richard Thatcher's mixed-media art, specifically his use of bolts as "marks" on fields to create sculpted "paintings" -- an appreciation that reveals itself in the image of carriage bolts on the four corners of the CD's paper sleeve.

Thanks for the memories, Buffalo, and having carried my works all these years!

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