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Sunday, August 2, 2015


Filipino literature--in the Philippines and the diaspora--is a vibrant area of English-language writing. The Halo-Halo Review will be an accessible online summary of critical and other responses to Filipino literature's multiple and diverse forms. Through its Mangazine, it also will feature new reviews and articles as well as serve as the online publisher for reviews and book introductions not yet online. Works in all genres will be covered, including but not limited to fiction, poetry, non-fiction, mixed-genre books, anthologies, children’s literature, and scholarly work.

By "Filipino," The Halo-Halo Review means all who self-identify as Filipino whether they're in the Philippines or the diaspora, as well as mixed-race and hyphenated Filipinos. Alternative monikers include Pinoy, Pinay, Pin@y, Pilipino, Pilipina -- we welcome you all as long as you enjoy halo-halo and manga!

I hope to release the inaugural issue in September. Thus, I am asking for (1) information for online links to reviews of works by Filipino authors; (2) information on introductions, prefaces and afterwords to books that may be available for online reprint; (3) volunteer reviewers who would like to review Filipino titles (reviewers need not be Filipino); and (4) review copies (books that you -- author, publisher or publicist -- wish to send for future review consideration).

To be part of the inaugural issue, send reviews and link information by no later than August 31, 2015.  For future issues, information and contact are welcome throughout the year. Thanks in advance for your time.

Eileen Tabios
Editor, The Halo-Halo Review and The Mangazine

p.s.  Yes, I was sort of hungry when I was thinking of titles for this project...

(Hello from the Halo-Halo!)


  1. (Please check your 'subscribe' button... it comes up as programming babble for me.)
    I hope this isn't a duplicate comment, as I also wrote before signing in...
    I am interested in reviewing writings for this project. I would also like to submit short stories, though I am a Cano living in Angeles City, Pampanga with my Kapampangan wife of 43 years... and not a Pinoy! My Tagalog and Kapampanagan are not yet up to novel-reading standards, but I'm learning. We can discuss other qualifications via email. Thanks! Bob LaRue

  2. Bob, Why don't you email me at galateaten@gmail.com and we can discuss further.