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Friday, August 28, 2015


When Facebook (FB) "friends" (most of whom I've not met in person) actually show their love, then I love being on FB (and it's a love-hate relationship ain't it). Here are two reasons why I remain on FB:

Jay Santa Cruz informing me:
"I know this is kind of a weird way to make someone's acquaintance, but I just want to let you know that I'm such a fan of your work—when I was in college in SF, on the ramen-and-cheetos diet, I spent a few nights going to City Lights and camped out in the poetry room to read The Light Sang As it Left Your Eyes. This was one of the first hybrid books I'd ever read, so difficult and tender, and it affected me deeply. Maybe a year or so later, I came to Jose Garcia Villa, and was pleasantly surprised to find you as the editor of The Anchored Angel. He became—and remains—so important to me, so I'm so grateful to you for your writing, and for making Villa legible to me."
I have to say I'm really tickled by the idea of a young one camping out at City Lights to read my 366-page book. And I'm equally tickled to learn this EIGHT years after the book's release. (I am also tickled to learn this 8-year-old book will be taught this semester at SFSU -- perhaps things are happening for that book whose distribution is adversely affected by its length.)

The second reason I am loving FB today is more high-brow: Irene Suico Soriano noticed this freebie offer, contacted me, and I now am the proud owner of this ring (what is not to love?!):

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