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Thursday, August 6, 2015


It was such a joy last night to go to a wonderful bookstore, Napa Bookmine, and help celebrate the release of Leza Lowitz's latest book, a wonderful memoir HERE COMES THE SUN: A JOURNEY TO ADOPTION IN 8 CHAKRAS.  I read the book in manuscript and it is as wonderful and innovative as Leza's popular poetry book which I also highly recommend, YOGA POEMS: LINES TO UNFOLD BY. Here are some shots from the reading as she's introduced by Napa Bookmine owner Naomi Chamblin, as she read, and as she signed books.

(Click on images to enlarge)

In the audience was vintner and major poetry supporter Bunnie Finkelstein of Judd's Hill Winery.  We posed together below because there is a less-than-six-degrees connection among us, though I haven't seen both ladies in over a decade. Bunnie and Judd's Hill sponsors a poetry contest. Though I don't usually enter such contests, I did years ago because I had just moved from New York to Napa Valley. I forget the year but, that year, I lost to this lady named "Leza Lowitz." Miffed (well, not really but, still aiming for that grand prize of a 3-litter bottle of cabernet etched in gold and hand-painted), I entered again the following year. To my non-miffedness, I won* and got that bottle. So here we are all pleased with each other:

Seeing two of her winners tonight, Bunnie had a grand idea of doing a poetry reading inviting all the winners of Judd's Hill's annual poetry contest.  Dear Bunnie: I am soooo...o....o there!

As for Leza, I actually met her not through the contest but at another reading. She came to be a supporter of my work and I of hers -- it's a wonderful relationship and friendship!

Click on the above links to the book titles to see more information about Leza's books!

* The winning poem "Justice" is available in FOOTNOTES TO ALGEBRA.

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