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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


In a world—especially poetry world—full of talk, those poets who actually DO something relevant are always special. Recently (and as pointed to me by stellar poet Brian Clements), I learned about Jimmy Santiago Baca’s new effort, “A Place to Grown Farm”, an organic farm where ex-cons will be healed by being trained to be farmers, and then be paid a living wage.  YOU CAN SEE INFO ABOUT THIS INSPIRATIONAL PROJECT over HERE. 

But Jimmy Santiago Baca needs help, and, yes, I think after clicking through the website you may be inspired to agree that we need to help this poet buy a tractor and many other things to effect the project’s “MISSION” which includes
1.  To transform the person who has endured the torture and injustice practiced in the American prison system. What it attempted to destroy we will rebuild into a leader and sensitive human being with a creative path in life.  
2. We will mentor the youth who have experienced this horrible system’s torture and teach them conciliatory life skills. We will educate them and teach them literacy skills. We will help them to rejoin society. We will integrate them into society as leaders. We will show them how to sustain a healthy lifestyle. We will instill in them pride and dignity again, we will build their confidence, we will help them to love to learn so they can pass along what we have taught them to others less fortunate.
As someone inspired by Jimmy Santiago Baca’s poetry and life, I’d like to help.  Thus, I am announcing this new fundraising effort.  I have many “author’s copies” of my books (old and new) that I am offering for sale at the discounted price of $10 per book (including shipping within the U.S.).  Until those author copies ran out, I will donate all sales proceeds to Mr. Baca’s healing farm. Info on my poetry books HERE, info on fiction books HERE, and info on non-fiction prose HERE.

In addition, you can donate directly to Mr. Baca’s Kickstarter; info is over HERE. With a donation, you get a receipt.  If you forward a copy of your receipt to me, I will send you one of my books for free. 

For availing yourself of my author copy sale, or for sending me your donation receipt, email me at galateaten at gmail dot com

Let’s stop just blathering and start acting.  We can begin with a tractor.


Eileen R. Tabios

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