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Sunday, May 17, 2015


An embarrassment of riches.  But I'm grateful to the reviewers who took the time.  First, I FORGOT LIGHT BURNS was reviewed by Zvi A. Sesling in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene.  You can see entire review HERE but here's an excerpt:
...many of the poems are worth remembering. Take for example the following poem ...
I forgot memory contains an underbrush—
I forgot the inevitability of ashes—
I forgot sentences like veins—

Also receiving a recent review is SUN STIGMATA (SCULPTURE POEMS), reviewed by Edric Mesmer in new issue of Yellow Field.  You can see entire review HERE but here's an excerpt (reprinted in Marsh Hawk Press Blog as YF is a print edition):
...Tabios is a poet who needn't reinvent herself; rather the span of her expression is wide, and this booked enfold takes on a more narrative aspect than other collections, often sensuous in its rend: "I'd give you / the ripest plum, ready to split / apart from a thought I still / would be folded about your tongue" (61); other times, anguished: "familiar with departures / the loosening of embraces / the forfeiture of birth places" (60); and once more, philosophically political: "the unanswered question / will be, "Might Justice / be colored white?"

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