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Sunday, May 31, 2015


So that was fruitful dusting of the shelves of review copies for Galatea Resurrects.  I mean, I think the dust didn't go away; they just migrated to other parts of the room.  But in the process of dusting and then reorganizing the review copies, I was compelled to stop several times to read several books.  And from such reading, I was compelled to review nine books for the next issue.

I don't assign myself books to review; I just try to read widely and then will review books that surface for that type of attention -- here are what compelled my reviewing attention:

BAD BABY by Abigail Welhouse
MEMOS by Susan Terris
THERE ARE WORDS by Burt Kimmelman
DOUBLE-EDGED by Susan Terris
WARDOLLY by Elizabeth Treadwell
PASSION by Larry Kearney
ORIGAMI HEART by Andrea Bates

These are books I might not have been moved to review absent dusting. Kudos to the authors for having their works grab my attention.  I believe I read between 90 and a hundred poetry collections in this process--many of them wonderful but not books for which I thought I'd have something meaningful to say.

There were a few books that I might have reviewed based on their merit but didn't for a variety of reasons; for example, if Sheila Bare had not already reviewed--and reviewed so well--Sherman Alexie's collection, WHAT I'VE STOLEN, WHAT I'VE EARNED, I undoubtedly would have reviewed it (here's link to Sheila's review).

Anyway, the list of GR's available review copies is newly dusted and organized.  I invite you to peruse them and hopefully something will interest you in reviewing for the next issue.  Deadline is Nov. 15 though I'll take reviews sooner.  Won't you spend part of your summer vacation on a worthy poetry book or two or ...?

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