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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Thanks to Grady Harp for his lovely words on I FORGOT LIGHT BURNS posted at Goodreads!  An excerpt:
I FORGOT LIGHT BURNS is her 28th poetry collection and she has never repeated herself, thought wise, style wise, or aura wise.
I chose the above for excerpting not just coz I like that I don't repeat my aura(s).  It's just that it touches on what I try to do when I'm so prolific.  Because I have released/release so many books, I wish each book to be significantly different from each other.  Themes etc. may get repeated here and there, but I'd like each book to not be able to be a foretelling for the next(s).  It's the least I can do, I feel, if I'm to keep up the prolific pace.

Fortunately, NETFLIX binge-ing prevents me from being more productive than four books a year.  So back to catching up on LOST!  Meanwhile, the entire review is HERE.

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