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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

THIRTEEN WAYS OF LOOKING AT THE BUS! (exclamation point mine)

Aaarrrrggg. I literally just approved HAY(NA)KU 15 for sending out to the printer. A mere couple of hours later, I stumble across a poet new to me who'd written in hay(na)ku. Bad news: too late for anthology. Good news: it really must have spread if I don't know who's writing/written innit. But as you can tell by the title (it's a 2010 chap but such is my To-Read Pile), there's wit and brilliance in Gizelle Gajelonia. Her hay(na)ku is in THIRTEEN WAYS OF LOOKING AT THE BUS from the quite smart Tinfish Press. Photo below is excerpt from her poem:

Really, Maraming Salamat to all of you poets who've welcomed the hay(na)ku form!

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