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Monday, April 9, 2018


Here's La Profesora Leny Strobel's notes about the class that I'll be visiting today at Sonoma State University:
Our main focus is decolonization via ethnoautobiography. The students have been working on these themes: ancestral roots, historical shadow material, dreams, spirituality, place, nature, community, mythic stories, sex and gender issues. Our latest discussions focus on post-oppositionality (beyond binary thinking/ Ana Louise Keating), mestizaje, nepantlera, hybrid identities (Gloria Anzaldua), feminist materialism+quantum theory+indigenous wisdom (Bayo Akomolafe). We are trying to encourage creativity and imagination when it comes to thinking about social justice issues (race, class, etc) so that we may move away from "us" vs "them".

I can only hope the audience will be as receptive as Jim Leftwich who continues to write new poems through his reading of MURDER DEATH RESURRECTION.  Here are his latest poems!


I forgot with abundant implosion.
I forgot clouds of furniture stitched angels never eternity.
I forgot sodden proof nights blooming the marble sleepwalker.

I forgot the sea from trees memorizing sutured keys.
I forgot rustling ears attuned to the wings of a crooked sky.
I forgot palaces contained challenged instructions.

I forgot their eyes split the route begging by believing the same erased vocabulary wafting you spilling the language of myth.
I forgot the neighbor hiding his shadow.

I forgot my path forever your window.
I forgot the days lingering spilt and dispensable, veiled.
I forgot the starving grinning saying leaves charm damp island anguished.

I forgot the tale of mortality's forgiven snowfall.

soap beef vitamin chocolates

I forgot the taste of transformed rot the bloat of profuse aura.
I forgot the buttress is no enabling ulcer.
I forgot the pantomimed credibility.
I forgot the gravestone zoo.
Fingerprints hurtle through time into I forgot.
The salt I forgot of unfamiliarity.
Lightning harvested became tissue I forgot.
Unreasonable ghosts of bad roads I forgot.
I forgot the incomplete wind.
Ponytails holograph engineers.
Credit card obsidian attuned to platter.
Identity for an invitation! The shoes! The subject!
I forgot mountain snooping advocated by world promise alchemized soil.
I forgot soap beef chocolate soap beef vitamin chocolates.

Campbell's Nine Baby Nail Polish

I forgot painstaking giftbox dying before my angels.
I forgot burnt holes drinking from ancient skin.

I forgot rumored libraries and wisdom whispering down the trees.
I forgot fingers bent shrieking boiling my feet with bloodied thorns.

I forgot fear is subjective mimicking lineage.
For crocodiles I forgot a new car.

I forgot dispersed conversations beneath sunlight desiring shade enough to mirror a labyrinth.
Veins I forgot formed holes I forgot.

Memory holding alphabets in compulsion I forgot.
Wanders the air is welcoming the world I forgot.

I forgot the past page I forgot.
I forgot mercury the unknown spiral I forgot.

The open door mururs the revolt I forgot.
I forgot where eyes take wings slicing pulse.

I forgot the seduction of a lunatic decay.
I forgot the skin glue weeping bone.

choir mirror eggs dust

I forgot the molasses moss choir.
Lawn sleep liqud seared and seared.
I forgot the deceit skin measurement of a mirror.

I forgot the paste stutter eggs.
Blinding windowsill.
Light capturing dust.

I forgot snow nameless twin grasshoppers the meager card nipples.

Wrinkles as confession broken.
Diamonds I forgot a caravan.
Ivory sea refusing melts witches I forgot.

You can see another set of poem-responses by MDR by Jim Leftwich HERE, which also presents a summary of his process.  THANKS Jim!

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