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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I'm grateful to poetry editor Vince Gotera for highlighting the hay(na)ku and its derivation "sci(na)ku" in the current issue of Star*Line, the journal for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. You can see the relevant Editor's Intro HERE.

And if you check out the issue, you'll also see one of my new robot tankas :).  But as it's a print journal, I'll replicate it here:

From Antarctican Vibranium Tankas

He sports the bullet
Hole like a lover’s tattoo
“Mark me more!” he laughs

His steel body keeps moving
I aim anew with desire

Vibranium, btw, is a fictional metal from the Marvel universe. Antarctican vibranium, more commonly known as “anti-metal,” produces vibrations that break down the molecular bonds in any metal, essentially liquefying them. 

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