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Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Forthcoming officially in March is my monograph on a 5+-year project: MURDER DEATH RESURRECTION. Gratitude to Dos Madres Press for publishing it. For the front cover, I love Elizabeth Murphy's design that revolves around a Pacita Abad painting of mirrors (because the significance of a poem can reflect back the reader). Now, per that "EDUCATOR'S GUIDE" on the back cover (see below), this book is a first for me for incorporating suggested Study Questions and Workshop. Hence my Call to the 1%. If you are a teacher (not just a prof at a school but a workshop leader) and would like a complimentary copy (desk copy), just email me at galateaten@gmail.com . No need to guarantee you'll use the book. I am betting only 1% will actually use this book because it upends the typical workshop ... because it upends normative poetry which is of course what I want to do. As for the rest of youse, maybe you'll want to read it just cause it upends the usual assumptions re poetry ... It does have good word-of-mouth: Thanks to those on the back cover:

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MURDER DEATH RESURRECTION should arrive (the book, not the mayhem) at Small Press Distribution in Berkeley (SPD) in March. Or, contact me if you want a signed copy.

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