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Saturday, September 17, 2016


Aileen Ibardaloza is being considered for Poet Laureate for San Mateo County. I am so pleased to see the hay(na)ku play a role in her project application, which she described on Facebook as
Campaign: "VERSIFY San Mateo County"
Theme: #poetfriendly 
I presented a sample poster to the Board earlier [see above]; the idea is to feature these visual representations of poet and poetry in designated #poetfriendly spaces (libraries, schools, parks, buses, cafes etc). My goal is to encourage a community to search for poetry in unexpected places, making the county officially #poetfriendly in the process.  
Congratulations to Aileen. The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors will decide next month but, as Aileen says, even if she's not chosen she hopes her project will still get funding. It's certainly worthwhile!

That hay(na)ku -- it sure loves to travel!!

And Aileen, of course, is the author of a hay(na)ku poetry collection that's worth checking out: traje de boda!

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