Eileen R. Tabios is a poet working in multiple genres and in-between. She also loves books by writing, reading, publishing, critiquing, romancing and advocating for them. This blog will feature her bibliophilic activities with posts on current book engagements and links to her books and projects related to books.

Friday, September 2, 2016


The Center for Art and Thought is currently holding its online fundraising program. Several of my books have been exchanged for donations (I thank those people for their interest in my writings). Now, more of my books are offered for various donation levels, as indicated below. Please consider supporting a wonderful arts and education organization, CA+T:

Eileen Tabios. “INVENT(ST)ORY: Selected Catalog Poems & New (1996-2015)”. Dos Madres Press, 2015. 242 pages. Courtesy of + signed by author. “There are so many paths thru the enchanted forest that is Eileen Tabios’ oeuvre that no one can possibly take them all in one lifetime”—John Bloomberg-Rissman

$50 Sun Stigmata
Eileen Tabios. “Sun Stigmata (Sculpture Poems)”. Marsh Hawk Press, 2014. Hardbound. 134 pages. Courtesy of + signed by author. “Eileen Tabios’s poems twist like silk scarves caught in the wind, offering ardent calligraphies and sly subversions of the passions, so many ways of naming lucidity.”—Andrew Joron

$75 Eileen R. Tabios Poetry Bundle
“The Connoisseur of Alleys.” Marsh Hawk Press, 2016. 96 pages AND “Sun Stigmata (Sculpture Poems).” Marsh Hawk Press, 2014. Hardbound. 134 pages. Courtesy of + signed by author.

Go HERE for CA+T's online fundraising program. Several other book, art objects, a theater session and even a karaoke lesson are available!

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