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Monday, February 15, 2016


Someone writing a poem in response to your work is just about one of the best types of reactions one can give.  I'm grateful to Joyce Gullickson for writing this poem inspired by her reading of my latest book, THE CONNOISSEUR OF ALLEYS.  Thank you Joyce!

In Due Time
                        after The Way It Is by William Stafford

I forgot the difficulty of loving.
I forgot the field, overgrown with weeds—
until I dreamed of childhood.

Often I’ve forgotten to follow the thread
through the eye of the needle,
I’ve forgotten the way it is

 The joy of love struck stars
that travel millions of miles
their lightshine reflecting in your eyes
I forgot to follow that gleaming.

I forgot love’s combustion.
I forgot the author of chemical reactions
the white hot, soul burning
soul searing, all searching
manner of love—abiding.

I forgot how love covers hovering anger.
How the threadbare blanket extinguishes
those fires of discontent.
Remember how anger hurts?
Sure you do, sure you do.

I forgot the magic of time’s passing—
how memories’ needle loses its sting,
how a thimble of love protects us.

Today, I forgot the way it is until—
I found a dandelion in the forgotten field—

waiting—wanting—to be fulfilled.

Joyce is  co-founder, along with husband Mike Gullickson, of the Georgetown Poetry Festival.  Mike also wrote a poem-response to THE CONNOISSEUR ...  I am grateful to both of you!

[Btw, THE CONNOISSEUR is now available on Amazon and SPD, among others.]

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