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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Killian’s synesthetic insertion of a scent into several photographs is also genius; it moves from the on-point evocativeness of the referenced scent viz

       “Low cloud of violet fog blurring the bed’s four corners, almost like patchouli,” 

to (oh such a brilliant leap)

       “and underneath the heavy scent, the deeper scent of a woman thinking.”
--from review of EKSTASIS by Kevin Killian and Peter Valente

Of course Kevin Killian’s brilliant output also moved me to write reviews on his works. I emphasize that I don’t assign myself reviews—and no one else does. I simply try to read widely and whatever moves me to write a review ends up being what I review from the books of both friends and strangers. Kevin’s work moved me more than the two times I was able to (find the time to) review him:

EKSTASIS by Kevin Killian and Peter Valente

Kevin also was generous enough to review me on Amazon—he reviewed AMNESIA—it's heartbreaking to read his words now as it reminds of his generosity. I’d actually told him he didn’t have to review my work as I’d just wanted to support Belladonna who’d auctioned off a Kevin Killian review for one of their fundraisers. But of course Kevin went ahead with the review…

I notice that my review of his Amazon collection ends up with the words, “Stay healthy, Kevin Killian! We want more books from you!” Ach.

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