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Wednesday, June 19, 2019


As dubbed by the local post office, I'm the Media Mail Queen for Saint Helena. Media Mail is an inexpensive way to mail books and other select matter and as a publisher, writer, and critic, I beat out a local cookbook author for the title. But I guess certain folks try to take advantage of Media Mail for its lower-cost shipping rates and, today, I decided to open one of my packages and introduce them to the Miniature Book. Apparently, someone had been looking at my packages and doubting that a book really was inside. Well, they oohed and aaahed over the sample tiny book, a 1904 edition of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. "Learn something new everyday," Francisco (featured below) said. Indeed. And I retain my crown: Media Mail Queen.

Miniature Books are sized up to 3"x3" in the U.S.; internationally, the threshold can rise to 4". You are invited to visit what I call my "Tiny Book Library", as well as a Miniature Book exhibit I curated for North Fork Arts Projects.

(Local postman Francisco!)

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