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Saturday, July 21, 2018


I'm grateful to Empty Mirror for reviewing MANHATTAN. And glad they focused on my Clyfford Still poems which I consider to be the best ekphrasis project I've written, and I've written plenty of ekphrasis. This book also opens with perhaps the best love poem I've ever written. But here's the reviewer Neil Leadbeater on that ekpra-sees:
"...the section containing the ekphrastic prose poems written in response to the Abstract Expressionist paintings of Clyfford Still is the jewel in the crown. They are linked to “THE ARTIFACTS” through a mention of a “monograph on Still’s paintings.” The titles for each of the eighteen studies begin with the word “On” – emphasising a very real focus of attention on the subject matter in hand. Just as shapes, colors and lines combine to create “the image” as opposed to realistic looking images of objects or figures, so Tabios paints for us an “impression” of imagined scenes that stop short of becoming too particular. Like Still, Tabios asks us to experience her poetry on our own terms. Her striking images are Still’s crackling flares of light."
You can see entire review HERE.

And for those interested in the book, Paloma Press continues to run a 50% off Special!

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