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Sunday, July 8, 2018


My double-Ilokano rap poem is up at Local Nomad! I wrote it for my older brother who'd conscientiously created a list of Ilokano double-syllables years ago in Santo Tomas. Yeah: I can even rap.... and did it while riffing off Ashbery. 

You can see the poem entitled "WAGWAG" over HERE, complete with English translations, literal and poetic. "Wagwag" means used clothes, like what's in these bales exported to the Philippines:

And I recommend the rest of the issue devoted to Falutinism: http://www.local-nomad.net With Márton Koppány, Judy Swann, Mergil Brief-Deever, Denny E. Marshall, Jean Vengua, and M.A. Fink. It's a party!

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