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Monday, July 16, 2018


I'm blessed that Erica Goss has chosen to review LOVE IN A TIME OF BELLIGERENCE in her Sticks & Stones Newsletter. You can see entire review HERE but here are its first and last paragraphs:
Humanity is in trouble. People inflict violence against each other while the environment suffers. The legacy of colonialism continues to disenfranchise the Earth’s poor, who must negotiate the twin disasters of environmental and cultural degradation. Eileen R. Tabios’ Love in a Time of Belligerence explores this territory with bold, unflinching poems that refuse to look away from pain, sadness, exploitation and injustice.
Whether pointing out the robotic racism of an Internet ad or recalling the once-loved pets of a war-torn city, Eileen Tabios’ poetry is alive with vivid, striking imagery. Reality shifts and bends; things are never what they seem. A powerful voice narrates these poems, one of daring and clarity.
Hope you check out MY LOVE!

As well, I'm grateful for my newest book ONE TWO THREE: SELECTED HAY(NA)KU POEMS to be reviewed in the San Francisco Review of Books.  You can see review HERE but here's an excerpt:
At book's end there is a fascinating history of Hay(na)ku. This is experimental poetry now, but there were days when sonnets and villanelles were considered experimental....Very successful book, this. 

As I was saying, hope you check out MY LOVE -- they're all for you!

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