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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


(Erica Goss' recycled lines)

I'm really moved that MURDER DEATH RESURRECTION (MDR )inspired Erica Goss to create her own poetry database! Go HERE to see her version which begins with "One day..." (instead of my "I forgot..."). She also is using MDR in a workshop; she had this to say:
"Each line in the MDR database starts with the words “I forgot.” Tabios writes, “Through my perceptions of abstraction and cubism, I’ve written poems whose lines are not fixed in order and, indeed, can be reordered.” I find this non-linear aspect wonderfully liberating. I can see its application in teaching poetry to children, or to people learning English, or as an exercise in creativity. (The book includes a teaching guide and workshop suggestion.)"
Thanks Erica!

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