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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I'm grateful for Otoliths and editor Mark Young who've nourished me and many poets whose works I respect. And grateful for the new issue's review of two of my books AMNESIA and THE OPPOSITE OF CLAUSTROPHOBIA. Excerpts:
"the chapter numbers are not in sequence in the contents page... The lack of a linear sequence mirrors the way our mind seemingly moves from one random thought to another... Tabios points out in an Author’s Note that readers may reorder the chapters themselves ... in order to generate different stories since any combination or story is valid."
"The sequence was generated by applying prime numbers against the order of the lines from the MDR database... Every line is viewed as being as important as the previous one. If we think of memory as being a bit like a computer creating a database of images, mathematics is one of the recurring images throughout the text:
     'I forgot there are no guarantees, not even in math where “1+1” may not be “2” but, as a visual artist insisted, “1 1” or, as a philosopher insisted, “a turning towards the other".'
You can see the review by Neil Leadbeater HERE.

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