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Thursday, December 10, 2015


I just received my latest LinkedIntoPoetry Recommendation, MARILYN by Amanda Ngoho Reavey. It is a palpable creature -- visual, multi and trans genre, open and amazingly articulate about its multi-layered complicated concerns. In other words, everything that Poetry can be when alchemized organically by someone with an unbreakable spirit.

As well, there is an amazing essay"NOTES TOWARD TESSERAE"which provides a meaty, lucid and ravishing read.  This book is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


I was pleased to see Galatea Resurrects in the Acknowledgments.  GR #23 had featured excerpts from MARILYN. MARILYN's acknowledgments also reminded me of of how dreams can unfold if we allow their existence as well as time.  And when I first brewed up the idea of Galatea Resurrects -- a womanifestation of what happened to the mythological Galatea after she stepped off her pedestal, and the answer was partly to become interested in poetry -- I didn't anticipate ever getting to its 25th issue.

I received my copy of MARILYN as a gift for supporting a T'Boli school in the Philippines.  I want to purchase the book, though, to show my support and will do so to come up with a review copy for either Galatea Resurrects and/or The Halo-Halo Review.  Email me at galateaten at gmail dot com if you would like to receive this book for review.

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