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Saturday, June 13, 2015


HIV Here & Now is an interesting -- and important -- project curated by Michael H. Broder. It's presenting a Poem-a-Day Countdown to 35 years of AIDS on June 5, 2016. Today it presents"My Neighbor," a poem I wrote in 1996 (which would probably make it one of the first 25 poems I've ever writ) as it's on topic. I hope you read this, and the rest of the project as it unfolds. (Thanks Michael for including me.)

I'm wondering if this poem, too, is the first poem to appear online from my now out-of-print poetry chap, After the Egyptians Determined the Shape of the World is a Circle ... I love the story of this chap -- I never knew (and sorry not to be able to recall) the editors of this small press, Pometaphysics Publishing, in Maryland who published my first chap and first poetry collection ... If they stumble across this, I hope they read that I've never ceased feeling grateful to them and forever think of them with affection.

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