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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The official deadline for Galatea Resurrects is coming up at Nov. 17, 2014.  But longtime contributors will know that I often take reviews 1-2 weeks after the deadline as it takes me some time to format the issue.  Just let me know at GalateaTen@aol.com so I know to wait for it. 

Meanwhile, one of our reviewers for this upcoming issue (which looks to be MAGNIFICENT, btw), Steve Dickison sent me some pics of the review copy he received at his home.  I cannot tell you how HAPPY it makes me see a review copy find a home!  In this case, the landmark book WRITTEN by radical writer P. Inman.  This book deserves attention!  (Hoping to get a 2nd review too...!)

Meanwhile, there are more review copies HERE for this and other future issues!  I haven't set it officially yet but the next review deadline probably will be April 10, 2015.

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