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Thursday, October 16, 2014


I’m interviewed by John Bloomberg-Rissman for ARDUITY. Grateful to him and editor John Armstrong for the extremely generous space and introduction to the interview.  It’s the first time an interview has asked me the EXACT right question about my poetry, to wit, “What is hard—arduous—about your poetry?”

And because, for me, that was the right question, my answer reveals certain things I’ve never shared before in public.  Like, apologies (but not really) for the misanthropy… Anyway, here’s an excerpt:

I love humanity for how it's created its libraries. But if one reads all the books available and extrapolate knowledge from what's not written, surely the conclusion is that nearly all of human history after our hunter-gatherer stage has been consistent in manifesting a suicide pact. 

Interview ends with a poem-excerpt from my forthcoming AMNESIA: SOMEBODY'S MEMOIR.  

Full interview HERE.  And the interview also includes my latest "author photo" which is, but of course, the one of me mothering Athena:

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