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Monday, March 11, 2019


I'm so happy at the release of this 2-volume anthology! It was initially conceived to be a feature at Galatea Resurrects but I was happy to let it go as it became too big for its britches, and even happier that Moria Books picked it up. It has to be "big" as its theme, per its title, is THE END OF THE WORLD!
Poet-publisher Bill Allegrezza notes it could have been picked up by a university press. But, befitting the times (and everyone's budget), Moria's combination of a print copy but free online pdf read is the perfect space for such a huge project! I hope you check it out HERE (scroll to bottom of link)!
Happy to be part of it, and grateful to the hard-working editors as well as Moria. Here are the two volumes' covers:

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